My Terms of Service applies to my commissions!

I open commission slots and YCH's by announcement on my socials!
If I haven't announced anything, then I'm not open.
I'm not a full time artist and do it on the side, which means openings may be sporadic.
I offer SFW/suggestive, single character commissions in my painterly style.
Includes simple background (flat, gradient, abstract).
I don't offer full bodies as an option as I rather create more artistic crops.
More complexed illustrations may only be offered through YCH's.
(Ex: Themed/more detailed background, etc)
BUST - $90 USD
Extra character complexity may cost extra


You must be of legal age (18+) to buy my art!

WHAT I WILL & WONT DRAW1. I will draw SFW & Suggestive
(Example suggestive: raunchy lingerie or cleverly covered nudity with no bits showing)
2. I will not draw NSFW or sexually explicit themes.
3. I draw humans, nekos, satyrs, and other humanoid characters.
4. I prefer drawing the female form.
5. I will not draw mecha, goo, hyper shaped or hyper muscular bodies
or overly complexed characters.
6. I will not draw based on description. I need clear references.
7. I work best with a bit of artistic freedom for posing.
8. You can request outfit or general mood (Ex: tired, happy, angry, etc)
WORKFLOW & TURNAROUNDS1. ETA can differ between 1-4 weeks depending on commission style and my RL schedule! Since art is my side gig.
2. After you've claimed and paid your slot, I begin sketching and send you a WIP.
3. You can ask for small changes during the sketch phase.
4. The first 3 revisions are free, further changes will cost extra.
5. Corrections based on MY mistakes are always free!
6. Note that the final results may differ from the sketch as I often make corrections as I begin to render the art!
7. Once the art is finished you receive:
- 1 full resolution PNG for personal use.
- 1 smaller resolution PNG for public uploads.
PAYMENTS & CANCELLATIONS1. Payments are made upfront through PayPal invoice.
2. You have 48 hours to pay or else it's forfeited to someone else.
3. Clients can ask for a refund, but it'll come with a 10% cancellation fee.
4. If I've already begun work, client gets a partial refund. Ex: 50% after sketch is done.
MY RIGHTS1. I retain full copyrights to any artwork I create.
2. I have the right to cancel any service for any reason at any time!
3. I can blacklist/block a client from getting any future commissions in case of:
Repeated payment delays, repeated cancellations, unserious bids on YCH's, leaving rude comments, backseat driving, crossing boundaries, etc.
4. I do NOT permit my art to be edited or used for commercial purposes!
5. I do NOT permit my art to be used for AI/ AI training